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"Spark Education Program" is a charitable program independently organized under the American Hunanese Association (AHA), in San Diego, California. Our mission is to help needy Chinese school children in remote, backward, and poverty-stricken regions have an opportunity for education. We employ a "school-centered" approach to meet the specific needs of a targeted school.

We adopt the name, "spark" - a tiny firelet that could ignite a powerful fire sweeping across a vast field. We hope that our program provides a platform to those who wish to help the less fortunate Chinese pupils. We invite you to join us to serve as a "star-spark". We envision that, together, we could start a fire-storm that would help eradicate illiteracy and poverty in those deprived regions. On the other hand, "spark a star" also represents our vision for all students in our program to keep their faith and hope and reach the star of their future.

星火教育慈善基金(sparkfoundation.us)是一个在美国湖南同乡会(501(c)(3)非营利性组织)构架下独立运作,旨在为中国偏远落后和贫困地区学生完成学业而提供教育资助和精神鼓励、为海内外热心人士奉献点滴爱心而共建助学互动的慈善平台。 取名“星火”,期望借助爱心点燃的星星之火,能够为提高偏远、落后和贫困地区的教育水平,引来一片燎原之势!

 what we do2xMajor projects we carry on:

  • Student Financial Aid: We help needy students pay tuition to attend school until graduation. In special cases, we also assist with living expenditure.
  • Teaching Facility Improvement: We assist participating schools in upgrading or replacing used equipment, and in adding new equipment or facilities such as a library or an audio/video room.
  • Others: We provide other forms of assistance as the occasion arises. We may assist schools in a small-scale infrastructure improvement. We also donate educational supplies to local culture organizations.

 My dear friends, let your love serve as a sparking fire. Let the fire brighten the heart of ever longing for an education in otherwise living in poverty. Let your love warm the little heart whose simple wish is to have a chance to go to school!

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